The Staple Dress

This is my version of The Staple Dress by April Rhodes.

There is a lot I love about this dress.  I love the high/low hem.  I love the shape and ease of the neckline.  I LOVE the fabric I chose.  I love the french seams (my first time with these).  I love how comfortable the dress is to wear and how it flows when I walk.  It was easy to sew as well.

I do not love the extra material under the arm.  I made a size small even though my measurements could have handled a size medium according to the pattern, but I still feel like my bust is swimming in the dress.  Perhaps I should have lowered the shirring?  I may go back and add a few more lines of elastic thread to see if I can get it to cinch in.

This dress will still get a lot of wear and I think with some tweaks I can make one that fits me a bit better next time.

3 thoughts on “The Staple Dress

  1. French seams do feel nice. Is the pattern just a front and back piece? I looked at the original pattern picture and you’re right that there is not as much bulk around the bust there. Since you went to the trouble of putting in French seams, that’s not going to be fun to deconstruct (and I wouldn’t). Another row of shirring might help some. The next time you make it, it looks like you will have to grade in the pattern from the waist up to eliminate the blousiness that is bugging you. All that said, it does look nice and I like the print!

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