I’ve been doing a lot of smaller knitting projects lately. I really liked the tie dye effect of this Socks that Rock Yarn on this little t-shirt. The pattern is the Sugar Magnolia Pullover by Laura Spargo Anderson of Foothill Stitches. I made a size 2T.

Another favorite is this tiny little baby knit in Wisconsin Woolen Spun Fingering Weight. The pattern is Babies in Buntings by Susan B. Anderson.

I already bought yarn to make another one. I’m going to give it a go in Quince’s Finch.

I loved Susan B. Anderson’s toy pattern so much that I tried her Christopher Bunny and it did not disappoint. I knit this fellow in Quince’s Chickadee.

And I loved him so much that I had to make his pants, sweater, jacket, and little pocket bunny pal. I even made him a carrot, though it isn’t pictured here.

Baby Gifts

One of my go-to baby gifts is a simple diapers and wipes clutch.  It’s perfect for throwing in your purse or car and is big enough to hold a few diapers, a small pack of wipes and hand sanitizer.  I used my gold and silver faux leather for this one because I was wanting a more modern look.

I lined the pouch with a floral cotton to give it some color.


I also included a pair of leather booties.  I’m getting better at making these little shoes, but it is tough to find the kind of leather that I want to use.  I bought this stuff from a shop on Etsy and the color is fabulous, but it is a little bit light in weight.  I left off the front fringe because I think it gives a cleaner look.

Lego Mini Figure Storage Board

I’ve been drooling over the Lego mini figure storage boards on Etsy and I finally made one of my own!

This board had another life as our homeschool calendar but since we moved we’ve been using the large white board in our school room and we didn’t need it any more.  I gave it several coats of spray paint in white.  I chose the spray paint that had a hammered texture so that I could hide some of the imperfections in the board.  It worked great.

I ordered the individual bricks from the Lego site and it wasn’t too costly.  I used plain old super glue to attach them, using my ruler as a guide, and it worked great.  I went with 3″ for spacing.  There is 3″ between each brick from side to side and 3″ from the bottom of one brick to the bottom of the next.

There is plenty of room to attach the lego guys easily.  I like the look of having them evenly spaced, but I may go back and add a brick between each guy (just horizontally) so that they can fit even more mini figures on the board.