Modern Triangle Quilt

I’m so proud of how this quilt turned out.  Is that bad to say?  I used the tutorial from See Kate Sew and a range of grays and creams in beautiful Kona Cottons.  It turned out just how I’d hoped… after quite a battle.

I printed out the template and cut out my pieces and just started sewing figuring that everything would work out.  The pieces all lined up, but then I sewed the rows together and I most definitely did not have triangles.  It wasn’t good.

So I cut out more pieces and played around with things until I finally figured out the problem.

In case you decided to give this pattern a go, the pieces should line up like this.  The tip of the outer corner lines up with the side.  Don’t line up the tip of the nearer corner.

It means that when you start adding more pieces, they overlap at the ends.  It looks like it’s crazy, but that gives you the seam allowance at the tips to make nice triangles.

I promise it really works and the result is great.  I loved the way this quilt looks with the ombre and neutrals.  I’m tempted to make a larger version for my own bed.

Star Wars Quilt – The Quick Version

I am way behind in my Christmas sewing/crafting/making, but that is to be expected with a newborn in the house.  I’m slowly tackling the list though, and first up was a pair of twin-size Star Wars quilts as requested by my two bigger boys.

I never found Star Wars fabric that I felt would be good for a pieced quilt, so I saved time and money and bought two Pottery Barn sheets off of Ebay in their Star Wars pattern.  I think the sheets have a neat retro design.

The back is done in blue and grey minky dot fabrics at the special request of my boys.  I really don’t like using minky for the backing of quilts because it stretches and is kind of a pain, but my boys asked for it specifically.

I did a really simple quilt sandwich, leaving a gap to turn.  Then I top stitched around the entire edge.  If it starts shifting I’ll had a few hand tacks, but for now I think it is fine.

Besides, I’m running out of time and there are other people on the list.

Baby Boy Quilt

I finished the quilt for my last baby.

I’m drawn to blues and greys right now and found a lovely selection of Michael Miller fabrics that fit the bill.

I wanted a simple and modern look to it.

I quilted it simply with diagonal lines.  The back is mostly bleached muslin with a strip of the leftover prints.

And of course there is a label too.  If I knew his name, it would have been on there too.

I also made my standard satin and fleece blanket.  I can’t imagine not having one of these for each baby.  This one is made from a soft minky dot fabric in grey with a light blue satin.

I wish I had used white satin.

But not enough to change it or make a new one.

I plan to make a swaddling blanket too, but that hasn’t happened yet.

I’m too easily distracted.