Easter Stuffies

I’ve been finding time to make stuff, but it’s been in little spurts and fits and then I forget to blog any of it.  I think a little catch-up is in order.  First off are several stuffies.  I try to make something for each of my kids’ Easter baskets every year.  Sometimes it is the basket, sometimes the bunny and sometimes it’s something else entirely.  This year they each got a little stuffie.  My youngest got a simple bunny in plaid flannel.  I sketched out a shape and then sewed it up.

My fourth child got a mermaid with purple yarn hair.  I was in too much of a hurry to sketch anything out properly so this one is a little wonky, but my little girl loves her to pieces so I’m willing to overlook her faults.  I tried a new technique for attaching the hair and I hand-painted the face.  I think with some work I could make a pretty cute mermaid.

My third child got an Easter wookie.  Nothing says Easter like wookies right?  I found my inspiration from some adorable stuffies on Pinterest.  I used felt and a little fleece for the details.

Next up was a Wampa because my other son is also in love with Star Wars.  I love this one.  He just makes me laugh.  Found the inspiration on Pinterest which linked to some Etsy shop if I remember right.  I kinda did my own take on it, leaving the arms unstuffed so they would be floppy.

Lastly, (I’ve got 5 kids in case you were counting.) is this adorable narwhal.  I think it’s my favorite.  It’s pink and has a flowered tummy!  Oh and the horn.  I searched the great wide Google to find a pattern and came up with a template on some obscure crafting board.  The directions were confusing, but I was able to figure it out enough to make this little guy.  My oldest was thoroughly pleased.


Bunny Ballerina

Ok, I know.  I know.  I have a problem.  I’m always making sock/glove animals.

It’s hard to resist the cuteness.

I think I’m getting better at adding personality to them so they are each a little different.

This one was a little bunny ballerina with a mini tulle tutu and tulle bow.

Isn’t she sweet?

Maybe I should rename this blog:  Spacey Casey Creates Bags and Sock Animals

Kitty Rag Doll

Sometimes I make things because I’m trying to duplicate something I’ve seen

and sometimes I just come up with an idea on my own.

This little kitty is all me and it was so rewarding to see her come to life.

I love her sweet embroidered face and slightly puffy ears.

Her stuffing is scented with lavender essential oil making her extra sweet.

I had planned on making a little friend to sit in her pocket, but ran out of time.

I gifted her away at the baby shower, but I’ve drafted a pattern so I can make more.

I just love her.

A New Doll

Look who came out of my shop this week.

By shop, I mean the small corner where I keep my crafting desk.

I love her hair.  It reminds me of sunshine and rain, kind of like the month of April.

She has a one-of-a-kind ruffle dress.

With a pair of matching panties that inspired major envy by the doll-owners in this house.

I’m still deciding whether or not she needs a little cardigan.

Pirate Teddy

I made this pirate teddy for a little boy’s sixth birthday.

He’s a glove animal because they are my favorite to make.

If I would have had more time I would have made him a tiny felt sword.

But I didn’t.

The pirate gear is all removable so he can be a plain old adorable bear if needed.

He’s got a silvery glitter button eye under his eye patch.

I would have taken a picture, but he needed to be wrapped and rushed out the door.

The lighting was bad anyway.

A New Doll

Well hello there little one!

Yes you!  You are a very special birthday gift for my little niece and I hope you make her very happy.

I tried using a worsted weight yarn for the hair and I must say I’m not a fan.  It takes way too many strands to fill up the head and it isn’t as bouncy.  She still turned out pretty though.  I made her dress out of a felted wool sweater and accessorized her outfit with pieces from another wool sweater.  The accessories match her green eyes nicely.

Next up for dolls?  A red head.  I’ve finally found a red yarn that I like.  Hooray!

Little Things

I make things all the time.  In fact I’d be surprised if I ever go a week without getting my hands on some sort of project.  I make a lot of smaller things that provide the instant gratification of having something completed right-this-very-minute, and there are always the longer-term projects that I work at here and there, a few minutes at a time.

I rarely blog about the smaller stuff, because, well, it’s small.  But I’ve realized recently that I’m being silly.  Those smaller projects are just as important as the longer ones and there is nothing wrong with taking a picture or two along the way.  It’s the small projects that keep my sanity anyway!

I wish I had realized this last week, because then I would have taken pictures of the lovely blanket and elephant stuffie I made as a baby gift.  But since I don’t, I’ll just start with what I was up to today.

Felt hair clips!  The Purl Bee had a post up recently about making Valentine’s themed hair clips.  These little beauties will go to my baby.  The felt makes them grip her super-fine baby hair better than plain old barrettes.

I make felt clippies all the time, having two girls and what not, but usually I do something a little more fancy like this flower.  The flowers take a little more time but they look adorable on my girls.

Next up was a simple satin-edged fleece blanket.  All four of my kids have been blankie babies, with three of them selecting a satin-edged blanket as their very special lovey.  I think every baby should have at least one of these.

Since those blankets really don’t take much time, for gifting purposes I usually like to pair them with a little something extra.  In this case it was a cloth doll.  Isn’t she cute!

I think it’s pretty obvious that she is based off the very famous Black Apple Doll pattern.  I think the Black Apple Dolls are gorgeous and full of personality, however when I make these dolls I do bit of tweaking.

I like the arms and legs to be a bit thicker and I prefer a rounder head shape so I drafted my own pattern.  It took a couple of tries, but I really like the one I ended up with.  I traced a CD to get the size/shape for the head and just went from there.  I prefer to use fleece as opposed to felt for the hair because I think it holds up better.  (Some of my prototype dolls are well over a year old and the hair is looking a bit scuzzy.)  If you are going to try one of these dolls, make sure you baste the limbs to the body before you attempt to pin the whole thing together.  It will save you a lot of frustration later on.  Also, take a moment and embroider the face before the two halves are stitched up.  It is so much easier to hide the knots that way.