Fairy Dust Necklace

My sweet girl loves fairies and all things magic.

So when I saw these little glass bottle pendants at Joann’s (2 for $2.49) I knew just what I needed to do.

A little glitter, a little glue to keep the cork secure, and a chain to hang it on.


She was thrilled.

For My Sister

I’m making a little package for my sister.

Inside is a little burnt-edge poppy brooch.

Inspired by the tutorial at A Lemon Squeezy Home.

A little white organza flower hair clip.

Courtesy of the tutorial by Disney at Ruffles and Stuff.

One of my ruffle flower brooches.

(This one is super ruffley.)

And a nifty jersey knit produce bag thanks to the tutorial at Delia Creates.

I’m also including some super awesome homemade deodorant.  It really is the best.

I hope she likes her package!

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Teacher appreciation week kind of snuck up on me.

Which means I needed something simple.

Each teacher is getting a chocolate bar and a note tied with a ribbon.

The women teachers are getting a nice flower brooch pinned to their ribbon.

Sorry lone man teacher.  I ran out of time.

Ruffle Flowers

More jewelry!  This time a beautiful flower brooch made from jersey scraps.

I took the easy route and used the glue gun.  Definitely worth it.

I made a smaller one in white.

And then attached it to a little clip for the baby’s hair.


Something Blue

I’m a little lacking in the accessory department and have been looking for budget-friendly ways to add to my collection.  I’m not a jewelry maker, but I can string beads on a string and tie a knot.

I strung these beautiful stone beads on a little stretchy string, tied a double knot and applied a dab of glue.  Easy peasy.  I had been looking for this kind of bracelet in the thrift store but all the ones I found had plastic beads strung on twine and I hated the way they felt in my hand.  I love the feel of stone beads; they are smooth, cold and heavy.

The beads were on sale, so for about $3 I had a new bracelet.  I definitely see a couple more, in additional colors, in my future.