A Finished Shalom

I finished my sweater.  It’s the Shalom sweater.  (Ravelry link here.)

Knit with Cascade Yarns Ecological Wool on Size 10 needles.

I added sleeves and two additional buttons.

And it’s most definitely not going to fit me.

It’s child-sized.

So it will make a perfect gift for my 9-year-old daughter.

Spiral Rib Hat

I finished my hat while we were on vacation.

I walked six blocks to the local knitting store for size 9 double pointed needles.

It was a knitting emergency.

The pattern and super soft yarn were a birthday gift from my hubby last year.

I love the way the patterns is all twisty.

I should have finished this hat a long time ago, but I kept getting distracted by other projects.

I’m starting to feel myself get the knitting bug again.

Perfect timing considering it’s nearly June.

Who knits in June?

Oh, me.