The Secretary Dress

I’m trying to spruce up my wardrobe a bit by doing a bit of selfish sewing.

I’m naming my latest creation The Secretary Dress.

Because I think it looks like something a secretary would wear.

Or maybe a librarian.

The top of the dress is made out of a jersey t-shirt of mine that had a stain in the front.

I referenced a tutorial at Tea Rose Home for the ruffles, though honestly I ended up going my own route.

I made the bottom of the dress out of some black knit that I had in my stash.  It’s a little heavier weight than your average jersey knit.

I found a tutorial at Elle Apparel really helpful for coming up with my measurements and game plan.

I think the dress looks really cute and I love the way it turned out.  I think I’ll pair it with a shorter cardigan to hide my very lumpy mid-section.

There are definitely more dresses in the works.

5 thoughts on “The Secretary Dress

  1. you looked so cute today–i love that this is a dress. i thought it was a high-waisted skirt with a top, which i also love. you are so talented.

  2. I love this dress. I just had my first sewing lesson yesterday. I was reading through your crafty blog and feeling so inspired!

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