Making a Stuffie

One of my favorite gifts to make for kids are stuffies.

There are easy and fun and quick to make.

When I’m making two-dimensional stuffies I start with two pieces of fleece and sketch the outline of the critter I want to make.

This time it was a knock-off of an Ugly Doll for my nephew’s first birthday.

I like to use a fabric marker with disappearing ink, though I have used plain old Sharpies too.

When sketching your critter, make sure not to make parts too narrow or it will be a pain to turn it back right-side out.  If in doubt, go a little wider.

The nice thing about the disappearing marker is that I can use baby wipes to “erase” any parts of the sketch I don’t like.  When I’m designing something new it sometimes takes me a few attempts to get it the way I want.

When I’m happy with my sketch, I take a good look and determine where the best place to leave the opening (for turning) would be.  I usually look for as straight a stretch as possible.  This time it was on the side of my little monster.  I like to mark where the opening will be so that I don’t forget and stitch it right up.

When it’s time to sew, I start at the bottom of the opening (back stitching to secure) and sew right on the line all the way around the critter.

After stitching, I trim off the excess, leaving about 1/4 all the way around and then clip all the corners and curves.

Once that’s done I use cut out facial features out of felt or bits of fleece and play around with them until I like what I see.  Buttons are good too.  It usually takes me a little bit before I find the right personality for my critter, but settle on it I hand-stitch down all the pieces.

Then comes the stuffing and (in this case fiber-fill, though leftover quilt batting works great too) starting at the limbs and other smaller areas and ending with the belly.  Then I hand stitch the opening closed.


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