Baby Girl Gift

It feels like I’m surrounded by pregnant women and women with new babies.

It’s wonderful.

Mostly because I’m not the pregnant one.

Tonight I’ve got a baby shower for a friend of mine who is pregnant with her first baby.

I couldn’t decide what to make.  So I ended up making a bunch of little things.

Meet Mr. Pig.

My friend likes pigs. (Oh how I hope I’m remembering that correctly.)

He’s got satiny ears and crazy eyes (heavily stitched on).

I added a bit of crinkly plastic (Kirkland brand diaper wipe container) on the inside for sensory fun.

I like his scrunchy tail.

I made him up as I went along, wanting to lean to the side of whimsy a bit.

When I finished him up, self-doubt crept in and I decided to throw him away.

But them my hubby said he liked him and everything was okay after that.

Mr. Pig is in.

Then I made a few simple reversible flannel bibs.

I used my favorite bib (thank’s Alicia!) for a pattern, tracing the shape onto two layers of flannel (right sides together) and then stitching on the line.

Trim, flip, top stitch and add tabs.


Next were a pair of knit baby pants and matching hat.

Free pattern for pants found on Made by Rae and hat on Make It and Love It.

Lastly was a little jersey flower headband.  (The flower is inspired by the same tutorial as the hat.)

It doesn’t really jive with anything else in the package with it’s vibrant brown and fuchsia.

But I love it and so it is going in the package too.


4 thoughts on “Baby Girl Gift

  1. I am so in love with that pig! You are amazing. Those bibs are great aren’t they? My mom made a million of those for me back in the days when Wesley would wear a bib. I love how soft and absorbent they are! (And adorable. They must be adorable) :o)

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