Making a Stuffie

One of my favorite gifts to make for kids are stuffies.

There are easy and fun and quick to make.

When I’m making two-dimensional stuffies I start with two pieces of fleece and sketch the outline of the critter I want to make.

This time it was a knock-off of an Ugly Doll for my nephew’s first birthday.

I like to use a fabric marker with disappearing ink, though I have used plain old Sharpies too.

When sketching your critter, make sure not to make parts too narrow or it will be a pain to turn it back right-side out.  If in doubt, go a little wider.

The nice thing about the disappearing marker is that I can use baby wipes to “erase” any parts of the sketch I don’t like.  When I’m designing something new it sometimes takes me a few attempts to get it the way I want.

When I’m happy with my sketch, I take a good look and determine where the best place to leave the opening (for turning) would be.  I usually look for as straight a stretch as possible.  This time it was on the side of my little monster.  I like to mark where the opening will be so that I don’t forget and stitch it right up.

When it’s time to sew, I start at the bottom of the opening (back stitching to secure) and sew right on the line all the way around the critter.

After stitching, I trim off the excess, leaving about 1/4 all the way around and then clip all the corners and curves.

Once that’s done I use cut out facial features out of felt or bits of fleece and play around with them until I like what I see.  Buttons are good too.  It usually takes me a little bit before I find the right personality for my critter, but settle on it I hand-stitch down all the pieces.

Then comes the stuffing and (in this case fiber-fill, though leftover quilt batting works great too) starting at the limbs and other smaller areas and ending with the belly.  Then I hand stitch the opening closed.


The Weenie Dog Stuffie

Meet Mr. Weenie dog.

(He’s an original creation.  In super soft fleece.)

Or should I call him Super Weenie Dog?

(Check out the soft-satiny ears.)

I’ve partnered him with a matching pirate blankie backed in the same super soft fleece.

I think it makes a cute baby gift for my friend.

(The hubs totally made fun of my 2-dimensional, 2-legged dog.  But that’s just the way I dreamed him up and I like him.  So there.)

Easter Bunnies

I always have these grand plans about making my kids beautifully knitted bunnies for Easter.

But I have four kids, which means four baskets and four bunnies.

And I’m not really good at planning ahead.

Which means that I have to simplify and go for something cute, but easy to make.

Last year I made fabric baskets and this year I did bunnies.

This cute Wee Bunny pattern from Wee Wonderfuls was perfect.

I used vintage linens (the white) and flannel backed satin (the pink and blue) and white yarn to make a pom pom tail.

The faces are embroidered.

I flipped the ears around (satin in front, white in back) because I liked the way it looked.

The pattern is great because it is simple, quick and takes so little material.

The bottom circle is very fiddly though.  Folding it in half and then thirds to get some crease marks to go by really helps.

Baby Boy Gift

Another baby shower!

This time for a little boy.

I made an Ugly Doll knockoff.

I love doing these because they are so easy and so fun.

He’s made out of seriously soft fleece with a hand appliqued face.

I simply drew a fun monster shape on a piece of fleece, sewed on the line and then cut, turn and stuff.

I threw a couple of jingle bells in for a little sensory fun.

I also made a newborn pant and hat set same as before.

Hello new favorite baby gift combo.

Baby Girl Gift

It feels like I’m surrounded by pregnant women and women with new babies.

It’s wonderful.

Mostly because I’m not the pregnant one.

Tonight I’ve got a baby shower for a friend of mine who is pregnant with her first baby.

I couldn’t decide what to make.  So I ended up making a bunch of little things.

Meet Mr. Pig.

My friend likes pigs. (Oh how I hope I’m remembering that correctly.)

He’s got satiny ears and crazy eyes (heavily stitched on).

I added a bit of crinkly plastic (Kirkland brand diaper wipe container) on the inside for sensory fun.

I like his scrunchy tail.

I made him up as I went along, wanting to lean to the side of whimsy a bit.

When I finished him up, self-doubt crept in and I decided to throw him away.

But them my hubby said he liked him and everything was okay after that.

Mr. Pig is in.

Then I made a few simple reversible flannel bibs.

I used my favorite bib (thank’s Alicia!) for a pattern, tracing the shape onto two layers of flannel (right sides together) and then stitching on the line.

Trim, flip, top stitch and add tabs.


Next were a pair of knit baby pants and matching hat.

Free pattern for pants found on Made by Rae and hat on Make It and Love It.

Lastly was a little jersey flower headband.  (The flower is inspired by the same tutorial as the hat.)

It doesn’t really jive with anything else in the package with it’s vibrant brown and fuchsia.

But I love it and so it is going in the package too.



I made a frog.

He is a special friend for a little boy on his 1st birthday.

He is so silly.

He’s stuffed with rice.

He’s a toy and a meal all in one!

Just kidding.  That’s gross.

He is modeled after this amazing frog that used to be my grandmothers.

This frog has been mended and remended too many times to count.

He’s stuffed with popcorn that is ancient.

Some day I will find cool gold and green fabric and I’ll make him a twin.

I love him.