I made a frog.

He is a special friend for a little boy on his 1st birthday.

He is so silly.

He’s stuffed with rice.

He’s a toy and a meal all in one!

Just kidding.  That’s gross.

He is modeled after this amazing frog that used to be my grandmothers.

This frog has been mended and remended too many times to count.

He’s stuffed with popcorn that is ancient.

Some day I will find cool gold and green fabric and I’ll make him a twin.

I love him.

3 thoughts on “Frog

  1. These are Aunty Hazel’s frogs. I am not sure how Grandma got them. Need to ask Aunt Becky or your dad. Brings back memories for me though!

    • Aunty Hazel huh? I don’t remember Aunt Hazel, is that awful? Was I too young? Grandma had this one around her house forever. My Dad ended up with a box of miscellaneous stuffed animals from Grandma’s house that he would let the kids play with. This poor frog couldn’t handle it though and was sent home with me to repair it. Every time I mend a hole a new one pops open so right now it is sitting on my shelf away from little hands. I’m hoping to make a duplicate because I love him so much!

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