Modern Triangle Quilt

I’m so proud of how this quilt turned out.  Is that bad to say?  I used the tutorial from See Kate Sew and a range of grays and creams in beautiful Kona Cottons.  It turned out just how I’d hoped… after quite a battle.

I printed out the template and cut out my pieces and just started sewing figuring that everything would work out.  The pieces all lined up, but then I sewed the rows together and I most definitely did not have triangles.  It wasn’t good.

So I cut out more pieces and played around with things until I finally figured out the problem.

In case you decided to give this pattern a go, the pieces should line up like this.  The tip of the outer corner lines up with the side.  Don’t line up the tip of the nearer corner.

It means that when you start adding more pieces, they overlap at the ends.  It looks like it’s crazy, but that gives you the seam allowance at the tips to make nice triangles.

I promise it really works and the result is great.  I loved the way this quilt looks with the ombre and neutrals.  I’m tempted to make a larger version for my own bed.

4 thoughts on “Modern Triangle Quilt

    • I wish I could! I just looked back through my email but I don’t have a copy of the order any more. I know I ordered Kona Cotton solids from I’m sorry I can’t be of more help!

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