Birthday Crown

My boy turned five today and a special Mama-made crown was in order.

I know the sequins make it a bit gaudy, but it was for him and not for me.

He loved it and declared it to be beautiful.

I used Google to find a nice crown pattern and then I traced it on two layers of felt and sewed on the line.

A little trimming, a large adjustable strip of Velcro and some hot-glued jewels finished it off nicely.

Toddler Messenger Bag

Another birthday gift for another special little boy.

A messenger bag in a hunky “all-boy” print.

There is a pocket in the back.

Two wee pockets on the inside.

And lot’s of room for rocks, sticks, cars and other treasures.


The pattern came from a tutorial over at mmmcrafts.

I sized it down to fit a 3 year-old boy.

The tutorial is fantastic.