Scoop Neck Tee

This is the fourth shirt I’ve made using the tutorial from Skirt As Top.  I can’t help myself.  It’s got such an easy fit and it is quick to sew.  Oh and it’s free!

This time I left the hem and armholes  with a raw edge.  I almost left the neck raw too.  Lately I’ve been really liking the raw edged look and this material seems to scream for it.  It’s a beautiful lightweight knit from Girl Charlee.


Modern Triangle Quilt

I’m so proud of how this quilt turned out.  Is that bad to say?  I used the tutorial from See Kate Sew and a range of grays and creams in beautiful Kona Cottons.  It turned out just how I’d hoped… after quite a battle.

I printed out the template and cut out my pieces and just started sewing figuring that everything would work out.  The pieces all lined up, but then I sewed the rows together and I most definitely did not have triangles.  It wasn’t good.

So I cut out more pieces and played around with things until I finally figured out the problem.

In case you decided to give this pattern a go, the pieces should line up like this.  The tip of the outer corner lines up with the side.  Don’t line up the tip of the nearer corner.

It means that when you start adding more pieces, they overlap at the ends.  It looks like it’s crazy, but that gives you the seam allowance at the tips to make nice triangles.

I promise it really works and the result is great.  I loved the way this quilt looks with the ombre and neutrals.  I’m tempted to make a larger version for my own bed.

Little Girl Shirt

A few weeks ago, my littlest girl picked out this fabric from my stash and sweetly asked if I could make her a shirt.  I didn’t have the time at that moment, and it took several days of reminding me, but last night I was finally able to sit down and make the shirt.  She was asleep when I tackled the project so I wasn’t able to take measurements or try it on and I was worried it wouldn’t fit over her head.  I used an existing shirt of hers to draft the pattern from, making a few changes here and there.

The shirt is made out of a cotton print that has a texture similar to what many sun dresses are made out of.  The name of it is escaping me right now.  I lined the neck with a soft knit so that it would be comfortable on her skin.  I’ve found that comfort is the top priority in clothing according to my kids.

She has requested a matching shirt for her doll with all the same details so I’m counting this as a success.

Feathered Day Tripper Top

Another shot of my messy bedroom and another Day Tripper Top!  I went with the mid-length again, but this time I left off the bottom band so that it would fit more like a tunic.  In hindsight, I wish I would had cut the longer length so that I felt comfortable wearing it with leggings, but it does look cute with jeans as is so I can’t complain too much.

I think this might be a fun pattern to make in a size up from your usual size so that you have a roomy, more drapey feel.  Especially with a soft Hacci knit or something similar.

Giant Gold Tote

Let’s just acknowledge the mess in my room and then move on.

Okay, done.

I needed a large bag to take all my stuff (and kids’ stuff) to church in.  I’m madly in love with the fabulous leather tote by Madewell, but it is outside my budget, so I used the measurements to make a giant gold faux leather tote.  It used up the last of my gold pleather so you shall be saved from any future gold pleather posts.  At least for awhile.

My goal for this bag was to make it out of the materials I already had on hand.  Lining it was a little tricky because I didn’t have many pieces of material that were large enough and not a horrible match for the gold.  I ended up piecing together this pretty black and white floral to make it big enough.  This bag definitely isn’t perfect, but it is very useful and I’m happy enough with it.

Baby Gifts

One of my go-to baby gifts is a simple diapers and wipes clutch.  It’s perfect for throwing in your purse or car and is big enough to hold a few diapers, a small pack of wipes and hand sanitizer.  I used my gold and silver faux leather for this one because I was wanting a more modern look.

I lined the pouch with a floral cotton to give it some color.


I also included a pair of leather booties.  I’m getting better at making these little shoes, but it is tough to find the kind of leather that I want to use.  I bought this stuff from a shop on Etsy and the color is fabulous, but it is a little bit light in weight.  I left off the front fringe because I think it gives a cleaner look.

Easter Stuffies

I’ve been finding time to make stuff, but it’s been in little spurts and fits and then I forget to blog any of it.  I think a little catch-up is in order.  First off are several stuffies.  I try to make something for each of my kids’ Easter baskets every year.  Sometimes it is the basket, sometimes the bunny and sometimes it’s something else entirely.  This year they each got a little stuffie.  My youngest got a simple bunny in plaid flannel.  I sketched out a shape and then sewed it up.

My fourth child got a mermaid with purple yarn hair.  I was in too much of a hurry to sketch anything out properly so this one is a little wonky, but my little girl loves her to pieces so I’m willing to overlook her faults.  I tried a new technique for attaching the hair and I hand-painted the face.  I think with some work I could make a pretty cute mermaid.

My third child got an Easter wookie.  Nothing says Easter like wookies right?  I found my inspiration from some adorable stuffies on Pinterest.  I used felt and a little fleece for the details.

Next up was a Wampa because my other son is also in love with Star Wars.  I love this one.  He just makes me laugh.  Found the inspiration on Pinterest which linked to some Etsy shop if I remember right.  I kinda did my own take on it, leaving the arms unstuffed so they would be floppy.

Lastly, (I’ve got 5 kids in case you were counting.) is this adorable narwhal.  I think it’s my favorite.  It’s pink and has a flowered tummy!  Oh and the horn.  I searched the great wide Google to find a pattern and came up with a template on some obscure crafting board.  The directions were confusing, but I was able to figure it out enough to make this little guy.  My oldest was thoroughly pleased.