Organza Flower Headband

My hands are feeling better so I made another infant headband for my friend.

This time I messed around with the flower design a bit.


I used a white polka dot organza that I picked up on clearance.

And a little blue button.

I really like how fluffy it turned out.

Hopefully my friend likes it too.

Birthday Crown

My boy turned five today and a special Mama-made crown was in order.

I know the sequins make it a bit gaudy, but it was for him and not for me.

He loved it and declared it to be beautiful.

I used Google to find a nice crown pattern and then I traced it on two layers of felt and sewed on the line.

A little trimming, a large adjustable strip of Velcro and some hot-glued jewels finished it off nicely.


I made a frog.

He is a special friend for a little boy on his 1st birthday.

He is so silly.

He’s stuffed with rice.

He’s a toy and a meal all in one!

Just kidding.  That’s gross.

He is modeled after this amazing frog that used to be my grandmothers.

This frog has been mended and remended too many times to count.

He’s stuffed with popcorn that is ancient.

Some day I will find cool gold and green fabric and I’ll make him a twin.

I love him.


I made this sweet little panda for a little boy on his third birthday.

I think he is darling.

He has mismatched eyes, as do nearly all the sock animals I make.

I can’t help myself.  I like the crazy.

And I like the tail.

Instructions and pattern for this adorable guy found in the book Sock and Glove by Miyako Kanamori.

Ruffle Flowers

More jewelry!  This time a beautiful flower brooch made from jersey scraps.

I took the easy route and used the glue gun.  Definitely worth it.

I made a smaller one in white.

And then attached it to a little clip for the baby’s hair.


Little Things

I make things all the time.  In fact I’d be surprised if I ever go a week without getting my hands on some sort of project.  I make a lot of smaller things that provide the instant gratification of having something completed right-this-very-minute, and there are always the longer-term projects that I work at here and there, a few minutes at a time.

I rarely blog about the smaller stuff, because, well, it’s small.  But I’ve realized recently that I’m being silly.  Those smaller projects are just as important as the longer ones and there is nothing wrong with taking a picture or two along the way.  It’s the small projects that keep my sanity anyway!

I wish I had realized this last week, because then I would have taken pictures of the lovely blanket and elephant stuffie I made as a baby gift.  But since I don’t, I’ll just start with what I was up to today.

Felt hair clips!  The Purl Bee had a post up recently about making Valentine’s themed hair clips.  These little beauties will go to my baby.  The felt makes them grip her super-fine baby hair better than plain old barrettes.

I make felt clippies all the time, having two girls and what not, but usually I do something a little more fancy like this flower.  The flowers take a little more time but they look adorable on my girls.

Next up was a simple satin-edged fleece blanket.  All four of my kids have been blankie babies, with three of them selecting a satin-edged blanket as their very special lovey.  I think every baby should have at least one of these.

Since those blankets really don’t take much time, for gifting purposes I usually like to pair them with a little something extra.  In this case it was a cloth doll.  Isn’t she cute!

I think it’s pretty obvious that she is based off the very famous Black Apple Doll pattern.  I think the Black Apple Dolls are gorgeous and full of personality, however when I make these dolls I do bit of tweaking.

I like the arms and legs to be a bit thicker and I prefer a rounder head shape so I drafted my own pattern.  It took a couple of tries, but I really like the one I ended up with.  I traced a CD to get the size/shape for the head and just went from there.  I prefer to use fleece as opposed to felt for the hair because I think it holds up better.  (Some of my prototype dolls are well over a year old and the hair is looking a bit scuzzy.)  If you are going to try one of these dolls, make sure you baste the limbs to the body before you attempt to pin the whole thing together.  It will save you a lot of frustration later on.  Also, take a moment and embroider the face before the two halves are stitched up.  It is so much easier to hide the knots that way.