Giant Gold Tote

Let’s just acknowledge the mess in my room and then move on.

Okay, done.

I needed a large bag to take all my stuff (and kids’ stuff) to church in.  I’m madly in love with the fabulous leather tote by Madewell, but it is outside my budget, so I used the measurements to make a giant gold faux leather tote.  It used up the last of my gold pleather so you shall be saved from any future gold pleather posts.  At least for awhile.

My goal for this bag was to make it out of the materials I already had on hand.  Lining it was a little tricky because I didn’t have many pieces of material that were large enough and not a horrible match for the gold.  I ended up piecing together this pretty black and white floral to make it big enough.  This bag definitely isn’t perfect, but it is very useful and I’m happy enough with it.

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