Handmade Ornaments

A new tradition was born this year.  Handmade ornaments.  It was born out of guilt.

As we decorated the tree this year, my younger kids noticed that my oldest daughter had several (10 or so) special ornaments that had been given to her.  They were almost exclusively gifts from my grandmother who passed away before any of the rest of my kids were born.

But try explaining that to a bunch of little ones.

Hence the handmade ornaments.  I free-handed the animal shapes using a cute picture of a mobile that I found on Pinterest as a guide.  I used a blanket stitch around the edges and I slipped a little bit of stuffing inside them to give them shape.

To satisfy my kids’ desires, I put their names on the back.  I thought about using fabric paint but decided that embroidery would look better.

Oliver’s was first and when I started I thought I would just do his first initial, but then that didn’t look right so I did the whole name.  That’s why his name is falling off the back of the ornament.

The rest worked out okay.

I was going to add the year, but I was running out of time.

(I finished them at 1:30am on Christmas Eve.)

Everything worked out except for William’s whose name looks like it was embroidered by a drunken monkey.  Seriously.  What happened to the “a” and “m” in his name?

Luckily he didn’t seem to notice.

I think that this could be the start of a very fun tradition.  I could make all themed ornaments.  I could change up the materials and use clay or paper or sticks.  I could use glue and glitter or fabric and paint.  I could even make ornaments that represented something unique about them that year.

I just need to start a little earlier.

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