The Perfect Drapey T-Shirt

I happened across the perfect pattern for a drapey t-shirt.

It has the perfect scoop neck and an easy-to-sew dolman sleeve.

It is fitted at the bust (but not too tight) and it drapes around the middle.

(My dislike of ironing is obvious in these photos.  In my defense, I had approximately 30 seconds to snap these photos before we left for church.)

My favorite part is the hem that scoops and dips lower in the back.

Have I mentioned the pattern is free?

I love this shirt so much.  I used a super thin tissue-weight knit and it drapes so nicely.  I’m already planning my next one.  I think it would look great with color blocking or even lengthened out into a dress.

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Drapey T-Shirt

  1. I love it! Your comments about the current shape…I’m sorry, I laughed pretty hard. I know EXACTLY what you mean! Where did you find your knit? I was looking for some recently to make skirts, and it was only a few dollars more to buy a skirt than to make it! Crazy.

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