Star Wars Quilt – The Quick Version

I am way behind in my Christmas sewing/crafting/making, but that is to be expected with a newborn in the house.  I’m slowly tackling the list though, and first up was a pair of twin-size Star Wars quilts as requested by my two bigger boys.

I never found Star Wars fabric that I felt would be good for a pieced quilt, so I saved time and money and bought two Pottery Barn sheets off of Ebay in their Star Wars pattern.  I think the sheets have a neat retro design.

The back is done in blue and grey minky dot fabrics at the special request of my boys.  I really don’t like using minky for the backing of quilts because it stretches and is kind of a pain, but my boys asked for it specifically.

I did a really simple quilt sandwich, leaving a gap to turn.  Then I top stitched around the entire edge.  If it starts shifting I’ll had a few hand tacks, but for now I think it is fine.

Besides, I’m running out of time and there are other people on the list.

3 thoughts on “Star Wars Quilt – The Quick Version

  1. Hi – did you ever get a picture of the finished Star Wars quilt? Would love to see it….we are working on a ‘very simple’ similar project.. with minky backing….thanks so much

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