Clone Trooper Costume

This costume nearly killed me.

It started off simple enough, with a $5 mask at Walmart.

I’m blaming my pregnancy brain on the awful adventure that followed.

I made the black jumpsuit out of fleece and then sewed it all up to make sure it would fit since I hadn’t used a pattern.  Of course, then I had to unpick most of the seams so that I could attach the white vinyl patches.

Sewing with pleather/vinyl isn’t fun.  It sticks and stretches and is annoying.  I figured out towards the end that I could put a sheet of tissue paper on top of the vinyl and then sew right through it.  I wish I had figured it out sooner because it would have saved me some of my sanity.

But it is done.  The boy is happy.  And I am happy to be done with it.

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