Easter Bunnies

I always have these grand plans about making my kids beautifully knitted bunnies for Easter.

But I have four kids, which means four baskets and four bunnies.

And I’m not really good at planning ahead.

Which means that I have to simplify and go for something cute, but easy to make.

Last year I made fabric baskets and this year I did bunnies.

This cute Wee Bunny pattern from Wee Wonderfuls was perfect.

I used vintage linens (the white) and flannel backed satin (the pink and blue) and white yarn to make a pom pom tail.

The faces are embroidered.

I flipped the ears around (satin in front, white in back) because I liked the way it looked.

The pattern is great because it is simple, quick and takes so little material.

The bottom circle is very fiddly though.  Folding it in half and then thirds to get some crease marks to go by really helps.

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