A New Sweater Purse

A beautiful felted wool sweater came into our possession a few months back, courtesy of a church clothing swap.  My daughter wore it a few times, but it just didn’t fit well and it ended up in the donation pile this week.  I was ecstatic at this turn of events because I had wanted it for sewing purposes all along.

Meet my new sweater purse!  This is the third one of these little marvels I’ve whipped up using a tutorial I found a few months back.  I changed things up by adding a lining and cutting the straps as a separate piece.  Admittedly the original tutorial produced a much more lovely bag, but hopefully with some practice I’ll be able to improve.

I lined the main part of my purse with a jersey t-shirt and handles with some fleece for added stability.   There is a large fleece pocket for keeping my cell phone and keys handy.  My first purse did not have this feature and I sorely regretted it.

I finished it off by adding a little flower for just the right amount of flare.

I like these sweater purses because they are light-weight yet sturdy, very cheap to make and they hold a lot of stuff.  Think how much a sweater stretches and now imagine that stretch in your purse!  The combination of jersey and wool give this purse a nice t-shirt + favorite sweater feel.  This is the first time I’ve used jersey for the lining (usually I just do fleece)  and I’m hoping it holds up well.

I think I’ll keep my old purse for awhile, mostly because I’m in love with the color.  I figure I can always alternate between the two as my mood dictates.

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